In case you missed it, the Bidens got a new cat. CNN’s Jake Tapper was on it (as many Real Journalists™ were).

As people have since been pointing out to Tapper, the fact that the White House seems far more transparent about their pets than they do about things that are actually of global consequence. Like, say, Joe Biden’s recent call with Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky. Conflicting reports about the call have led to quite a bit of confusion. You know what could really help clear things up? A transcript.

Like the kind of transcript that Kamala Harris would’ve wanted released while Donald Trump was in office:

Quite a fun little gem, isn’t it?

Just a bottomless barrel of gold.

And it seems important for us to point out that Harris has been conspicuously silent on this. In fact, she hasn’t explicitly mentioned Ukraine on either her @KamalaHarris or @VP Twitter account since 2020:

Are some transcripts more equal than others, Kamala?

Whenever you’re ready, Kamala.

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