Yesterday, CNN’s “The Lead With Jake Tapper” reported that anonymous sources (including an unnamed Ukrainian official) said that President Biden’s call with the president of Ukraine “did not go well.” CNN also had a report and tweet saying sources said Biden told Zelensky a Russian invasion was almost certain to come. However, The Lead deleted a tweet and walked back that reporting after the Biden White House and a Zelensky spokesman disputed the story. Now many want the matter cleared up by simply releasing a transcript of the call.

While we wait, Jake Tapper has some other news:

The White House is no doubt hoping more pet news helps move the approval needle, but others let Tapper know they’re still waiting for something:

Maybe that transcript will be reported at some point. For now at least we have a cat to look at.

Just coincidentally it seems that every time Biden’s approval drops another notch they get a different pet.

Maybe a few more dogs too.


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