The Biden administration has it in for Ron DeSantis. That’s no longer up for debate.

Joe Biden’s FDA revoked the EUA for monoclonal antibodies, effectively kneecapping Florida (where, incidentally, people are getting vaccinated).

HHS’ COVID comms man Ian Sams defended the decision by casting doubt on the efficacy of monoclonal antibody treatment.

At today’s White House press briefing, Jen Psaki took a similar approach:

She and Ian Sams must be comparing notes.

The Biden administration has done nothing but sow doubt on the effectiveness of vaccines and boosters. That’s not our opinion; that’s a fact.

And they keep dangling Florida in front of us in the hopes that we won’t see what they’re doing.

Lying about Florida (and lying in general) seems to be a pattern with Psaki and the Biden administration.

That’s all this is really about. DeSantis has succeeded where many Democratic governors have failed, and he’s earned the respect of many conservatives and independents who are fed up with the federal government’s ineptitude on COVID.

The Biden administration’s not just afraid of Ron DeSantis; they’re terrified.

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