Kamala Harris’ former spokesman and current COVID comms guy for HHS Ian Sams thinks that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis is acting like a big baby. After all, what business does DeSantis have for criticizing the Biden administration for suddenly revoking the EUA for monoclonal antibody treatments? It’s not like monoclonal antibody treatments have actually helped anyone …

Oh. Yeah, we can see where DeSantis is coming from and why he’s so pissed.

And we can see why someone like Ian Sams would respond with insane spin like this:

“Medicines that don’t work.” When was the last time Ian spoke with anyone at HHS?

Meanwhile, the Biden administration continues to push vaccines while simultaneously issuing directives that undermine vaccine confidence.

It’s almost as if they’re going out of their way to do everything wrong and make everything worse. Just to stick it to the GOP and DeSantis, of course.

They’re afraid of DeSantis, after all. They should be worried about Christina Pushaw, too.

Careful, Ian. If too many people start paying attention to the substance of your tweets, they might start to figure out what the Biden administration is really up to.

The Biden administration isn’t in anything together with us.

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