Last week when we all jumped down Joe Biden’s throat for likening his political opponents to infamous rabid American racists, we failed to consider the context of what he said.

Fortunately, PolitiFact is around to explain to us what Biden ackshually meant:

More from PolitiFact:

The same day the bill died, Biden gave a White House press conference marking the end of his first year in office. He disputed characterizations that he compared Republicans who didn’t support the voting bill to racists of the past, first in an exchange with NBC News correspondent Kristen Welker and later, in a heated response to a question from RealClearPolitics reporter Philip Wegmann.

“Go back and read what I said,” he told Wegmann.

We went back to read what he said. While Biden didn’t explicitly accuse those who don’t support the voting bill of being racists, he did say that their vote would be remembered unfavorably in history, much like the actions of those past figures who didn’t support civil rights or an end to slavery.

Sure, Jan.

That water must be heavy!

We all heard it, too.

Here it is again:

Come on, PolitiFact.

Snort. It probably would’ve been easier for PolitiFact to just post that instead of their stupid “context” BS.

Biden’s remarks weren’t subtle.

Do better, PolitiFact. When the bar’s as low as you’ve set it, that’s not a big ask.

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