Earlier today, Vice President Kamala Harris compared the January 6 riots at the Capitol to Pearl Harbor and 9/11.

For what it’s worth, her stupid sentiment was echoed by follow serious person, historian Douglas Brinkley, who also managed to bring the Holocaust into the discussion:

You heard that right. Here it is again:

Hey, here’s an idea: let’s not do this. Holocaust comparisons are generally a terrible idea. You’d think an alleged historian would be extra-careful about this sort of thing.

But too often, the temptation to weaponize history overwhelms a sense of basic common sense and decency. And that’s what’s happened with Douglas Brinkley.

What the hell.

It’s demented.

Truly. Not only are they outrageous on their face, but they’re insulting to the victims and survivors of such horrors as Pearl Harbor, the Holocaust, and 9/11.

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