On CNN this morning, “New Day” cohost John Berman wondered aloud why those who have been vaccinated and boosted need to be concerned about unvaccinated people’s decision not to get vaccinated. He got a pretty intense response from guest Arthur Caplan, the ironically named Director of Medical Ethics at NYU’s Grossman School of Medicine:

Did we mention that he’s a director of medical ethics?

The great thing about the development of COVID vaccines is that once the vaccines became available, people who wanted to could choose to get vaccinated. The idea was that they would be using the best tools at their disposal to minimize the spread and mitigate the severity of COVID. In theory, at least, they shouldn’t obsess over what the unvaccinated are doing.

But John Berman seems to have a real issue with the unvaccinated, despite the fact that, contra Joe Biden, it’s largely the vaccinated who are spreading COVID, because often their cases of COVID are milder or even asymptomatic and thus they’re more likely to spread the virus without knowing it. And Arthur Caplan seems to have a weird vendetta against the unvaccinated. It’s legitimately deranged.

Not just happy, but downright ecstatic.