This past November, Bethany Mandel took a close look at what’s “deeply wrong and deeply sinister in a lot of children’s publishing.”

But as discouraging as that may be, Mandel also offered a glimpse at an alternative: Heroes of Liberty.

Evidently, Facebook disagrees with Mandel that children need to learn about important figures from a less progressive perspective:

But don’t think for a second that Facebook won’t find a way to capitalize on this.

You’d better believe that Facebook will take money. They’re not going to cast aside conservative publishers without milking them for every last dime first:


So much for that.

Any true free speech advocate should be up in arms over this.

For what it’s worth, Mandel and Heroes of Liberty aren’t giving up the fight. If anything, Facebook’s efforts to clamp down have only inspired them to try even harder to make their voices heard.

OK, folks. You know what to do.

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