We couldn’t help but feel kinda bad for Joe Biden when that guy responded to his innocuous “Merry Christmas” wishes with a wholly unnecessary “Let’s Go Brandon” signoff. It’s OK to turn it off sometimes, Jared, especially on Christmas.

That said, we had faith that it wouldn’t take very long for President Biden to remind us why there are still people using “Let’s Go Brandon” to register their immense dislike of him. And wouldn’t you know it, Uncle Joe came through in a big way:

Would you care to show your work, Mr. President? Because we’re gonna need to see some support for your claims.

We can only assume that Joe Biden himself didn’t tweet it, because it doesn’t contain any sentences where the topic changes halfway through. Maybe it was Ron Klain! He’s kind of the de facto POTUS anyway.

But whoever tweeted it is speaking for the president and therefor lying on his behalf.

We’d definitely argue that.

Say what you will about Donald Trump, but the recovery started while he was in the White House. And that was despite the efforts of Democrats to shut everything down knowing that it would gut the economy.

Joe Biden spent the campaign season railing against President Trump knowing full well — or at least surrounding himself with people knowing full well — that Trump was setting him up for success. And Biden has still managed to mess it up!

Printing more money may have put more money in Americans’ pockets, but it’s nothing to celebrate. Because prices continue to rise, making everyone’s money worth less than it used to be. Salaries aren’t keeping up with inflation.

And there are quite a few Americans who are going to be in for some shocking news when it comes time to file their income taxes and they realize that all the “free” money was just a loan and that the government expects to get paid back.

It’s actually incredibly disturbing how much of an effort the Biden administration puts into telling us that we’re doing great when we know for a fact that we’re not.

Joe Biden promised to shut down the virus, not the economy. And thus far, one could easily be forgiven for thinking that he fully intends to do the exact opposite.

All while telling us not to believe our own lying eyes.

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