Back in the earlier days of Twitchy, we had a lot of nice things to say about Bill Kristol. Because back then, he wasn’t an insufferable prat who hid behind Conserving Conservatism to blow smoke up liberals’ and Democrats’ butts.

But the cracks in Kristol’s brain really started to become more pronounced when Donald Trump came down that escalator, and Bill’s spent the past several years making a complete ass of himself in the hopes of winning some pats on the head from liberal elites.

Like, what would you call this, if not making a complete ass of himself?

More from Kristol at The Bulwark:

So the guardrails of liberal democracy and civic sanity are not stronger than they were a year ago. We did prevent the destruction of those guardrails, which is no small thing. But we haven’t succeeded in repairing or rebuilding them. Or to construct new ones. The forces of democracy remain beleaguered, the forces of sanity on the defensive. To the degree they’re regrouping, they’re doing so slowly and fitfully. And time is not on our side.

After Dunkirk, Churchill concluded his June 4, 1940, speech to the House of Commons with his famous peroration, “We shall not flag or fail. We shall go on . . . until in God’s good time, the New World, with all its power and might, steps forth to the rescue and the liberation of the old.”

But there is no one today who will step forth to rescue and liberate us from beyond the ocean. It’s not enough if we merely hold on. We have to be the source of our own rescue, the cause of our own liberation. And that work we have only just begun.

Bill Kristol appears to be laboring under the delusion that he and his fellow Soldiers of the Resistance have some very important things in common with soldiers who fought against actual fascists. Bill Kristol and his ilk are authoritarian leftists — or, at best, authoritarian leftist apologists — who have decided to call Donald Trump and Republicans fascists because it sounds scarier.

There’s nothing stunning or brave or admirable about that; it’s just plain pathetic.

Bill Kristol and The Bulwark haven’t been through war. They haven’t risked anything — other than their reputations, of course — to call Orange Man Bad or accuse anyone who disagrees with them of being dangerous for America.

And, unlike the soldiers at Normandy or Dunkirk, no one worth a damn will miss The Bulwark when they’re gone.

Hey now. That’s not entirely fair. At least there are some little girls out there who look up to the WNBA. There aren’t little girls looking up to Bill Kristol or The Bulwark. No one’s looking up to Bill Kristol or The Bulwark. No one serious, anyway.

And our exhaustive search for reasons to listen to Bill Kristol comes up empty every single time.

Don’t actually invoke the Holocaust, Bill. That guy’s being sarcastic, so while we’re sure you’re very tempted to liken the GOP to Nazis and Donald Trump to Hitler and expand upon the insane idea that you and The Bulwark are the intellectual anti-fascist airs to Winston Churchill, try to resist the urge. Please. Otherwise we’ll have no choice but to pile on you even harder, and you’re barely hanging on as it is.

You have to cringe. Because that’s what you do when a limousine liberal like Bill Kristol compares spending the past several years courting liberal media outlets with anti-Trump snark to risking your life in World War II. The Resistance hasn’t been through D-Day. They haven’t been through Dunkirk. They’ve been in the proverbial mom’s basement.

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