Earlier this week, we told you about Live Action’s satirical video featuring dudes explaining why men should be marching for abortion rights alongside pro-abortion women.

It’s pretty clear why irresponsible guys might label themselves pro-choicers. But in case the video didn’t drive the message home, maybe this from self-described “Democratic digital organizer, strategist, & commentator” Kaivan Shroff will:

We read it, Kaivan:

But men like me have also long been the direct beneficiaries of safe abortion access. Giving women the choice not to carry unwanted pregnancies often means we, too, can delay parenthood until we are ready.

Since I’ve spent 10 of the past 11 years as a student, most of the women I’ve had sex with were also students, also progressive, and also not at a point in their lives where they were looking or ready to have children. I try to share responsibility for birth control and if a woman tells me she’s on it, I also trust that. If she still got pregnant, however, though entirely her decision, I assume we would both want the same thing: an abortion. In longer-term relationships, we’ve had explicit discussions about this.

So Kaivan has had consensual (we assume) sex with multiple women, engaging in a behavior that’s been known on occasion to result in pregnancy. That means he’s not just some dude who was drunkenly seduced by a tricksy lady looking to score child support money.

Here’s how Shroff’s piece concludes:

What if I got a woman pregnant? What if she didn’t want to continue the pregnancy, but could not get an abortion? Would we try to stay together, even if it wasn’t a fit? What kind of custody or visitation rights would I get if we weren’t together? How would I provide for the child? Would adoption really be a consideration, as Justice Amy Coney Barrett recently glibly suggested? If so, would the child face an abusive welfare system? The questions and worries abound.

Too often, male engagement with the pro-choice movement has been articulated solely through the lens of female empowerment. (Or with some trite narrative of fathers talking about their daughters, or brothers, their sisters.) Of course, men should serve as allies in defending women’s bodily autonomy. Again, control over one’s person is a basic human right.

My goal is not to equate — or even compare — men’s relationship with safe abortion policy to that of women. However, in viewing women as the only beneficiaries of safe abortion access, many men conveniently side-step defending a policy they have long taken for granted. At the least, men should be honest about the ways we also benefit.

If anything, that supports Ben Shapiro’s contention that Kaivan is advocating for abortion to be a get-out-of-jail-free card for guys who don’t feel like dealing with a baby right now. Kaivan’s just trying to dress it up in pretty “women’s bodily autonomy” and “basic human right” clothing.

He literally did.

The quiet part is absolutely deafening now.

Majorly cringe.

Majorly douchey.



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