Politico set off quite a few Biden supporters Tuesday by running an article critical of the president’s withdrawal from Afghanistan:

But that’s not the only reason Democrats should freeze out Politico; Democratic strategist Kaivan Shroff has been keeping tabs on not only Politico’s reporters but even former employees.

Whoa, a reporter shared that New York Post story about Hunter Biden’s laptop … the one that was obviously Russian disinformation and was censored by Twitter.

TJ Ducklo “deserves to have his ass beat” for talking to a woman like this — definitely a right-wing call to violence.

Someone’s butthurt.

We’ve noticed that people like “the media’s” Jennifer Rubin and Joy Reid have been taking “the media” to task recently for reporting on the mess in Afghanistan. Even CNN’s Jake Tapper is noticeably cranky about the mishandling of the withdrawal. Time for Democrats to freeze out all media.