Back in August, NBC/MSNBC analyst John Heilemann likened the Capitol rioters to the Taliban.

So he’s made it abundantly clear that he’s not to be taken seriously.

And that makes him a perfect guest for “Meet the Press”:

Is it not possible to condemn ridiculous talk of Joe Biden being an illegitimate president without resorting to suggesting that 30 million Americans are champing at the bit to grab their muskets Joe-Walsh-style and install Donald Trump as Dictator of the United States? Like, we thought it was possible …

But then, we aren’t NBC/MSNBC analysts like John Heilemann.

This is the sort of garbage that passes for sharp media analysis these days.

It’s sad, really.



NBC/MSNBC analyst John Heilemann tells panel of bobbleheads that Republicans criticize Fauci because they don’t want COVID to go away

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