Remember earlier this month when Kamala Harris gave America a taste of what it’d be like to have her in the driver’s seat?

Well, apparently she’s officially been put in charge of making electric vehicles hip and cool for everyone:

More from The Hill:

The White House said Monday that Vice President Kamala Harris will announce a plan for electric vehicles.

A fact sheet the White House released on the plan relies heavily on the bipartisan infrastructure law and existing actions it has taken, but there are some new announcements as well.

Deploying more electric vehicles doesn’t just mean getting more electric cars on the road. It also involves building out infrastructure like charging stations in order to make sure people who buy these cars have places to fuel them.

The White House is nothing if not great at choosing the roles for which Kamala Harris is best suited. Look at what a great job she did as border czar! Just imagine what she could do as electric vehicle czar on top of that.

She’s uniquely qualified to do this:

The wheels on Kamala Harris’ bus aren’t going anywhere.

If she weren’t so obnoxious and unpleasant, we might actually feel kinda sorry for her.

You know she’s wondering about the answer to that question, even if she somehow has enough sense not to ask it out loud.

And speaking of questions, here’s a parting one for the electric vehicles expert:

If those things run on cackles, we’re gonna be fine.



Kamala Harris is on fi-yah, y’all:



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