Earlier this week, we learned that none other than Kween Hillary Clinton is giving her own MasterClass on coping with disappointment and defeat.

It’s interesting because for Hillary Clinton, being resilient apparently means never getting over things.

Count Bridget Phetasy among those who will not be signing up for Hillary’s MasterClass:

And count sycophantically-pro-Trump-MAGA-musket-grabber-turned-failed-Resistance-presidential-hopeful Joe Walsh among those defending Hillary Clinton’s honor from haters like Phetasy:

Well, yes. Hillary did publicly ACKNOWLEDGE she lost. She has also publicly CLAIMED on multiple occasions that the election was stolen from her, despite no evidence to support it.

Just like Joe Walsh has publicly CLAIMED on multiple occasions to give a damn about decency and decorum and taking the high road. Joe Walsh has no decency or decorum and he has no idea where to find the high road.

Over to you, Stephen L. Miller:

Joe Walsh is a classic projection artist, labeling others garbage people in pathetic attempts to distract us from the fact that he’s the true garbage person.

It’s been fired. Repeatedly. Right into Joe Walsh’s foot.

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