If you’ve watched any of the “Real Housewives” franchises, you know that there are quite a few white ladies out there who have taken advantage of lip fillers and other lip-plumping cosmetic procedures.

What you may not have known, though, is that those women are all privileged white racists. Thank goodness for Tyra Blizzard, who plays basketball and makes TikTok videos about gender and abortion and white people being terrible. Without her, we very well might have gone on with our lives not knowing that there’s such a thing as “cosmetic blackface”:

According to the video, she’s also addressed the racist practice of tanning. She’s out there, doing the Lord’s work. Thin-lipped white women, beware of the implications if you’re seriously considering some sort of lip enhancement.

As a white person, you should just assume that you’re racist.

Don’t say that. It’s probably racist.

Quiet, you racists! Stop trying to silence her!

If you don’t, she may have to speak with the manager.

Uh-oh, Tyra …

Don’t worry — only racists would assume that Tyra Blizzard speaks for all black people. We won’t do that. It’s much fairer to conclude that Tyra Blizzard speaks for the racist SJW moron community.