Yesterday, the verified Twitter account for the USA Singers — who bill themselves as “the first band of The #Resistance” — marked former GOP Sen. Bob Dole’s death with a song:

Watch and be impressed by the solid musicianship and awesome wit that went into this:

Well, people have been getting word out about the USA Singers’ “hilariously thought-provoking” genius ever since. People like Stephen L. Miller and the Daily Wire’s Ryan Saavedra:

Apparently the singers have been getting some pushback, because they tweeted this out this morning:

It’s entirely possible that it’s “unvaxxed incel MAGA QAnon domestic terrorists” who are watching the video. More likely, it’s people who know that Stephen L. Miller has rarely steered them wrong. If you get a @redsteeze shout-out, it’s because you deserve one.


The USA Singers should’ve just taken the beating they got yesterday and left it alone. But they didn’t.

So this happened:

Gross. But also accurate.

Cry more, USA Singers.

And make no mistake: they’re crying. They have plenty to cry about:

Boy, you hate to see it. Be grateful to those “unvaxxed incel MAGA QAnon domestic terrorists,” USA Singers, because if not for them, nobody would’ve watched your video. Nobody would’ve known you even existed. We didn’t until yesterday.