Yesterday, NBA star and unabashed critic of the CCP Enes Kanter Freedom tweeted at Jeremy Lin, who currently plays for the Chinese Basketball Association’s Beijing Ducks. Spoiler: Freedom is not supportive of Lin’s athletic life choice:

Lin is Taiwanese American, and given the Chinese government’s approach to Taiwan, it’s not unreasonable for Freedom to wonder what Lin is thinking.

Unless you’re someone like The Nation sports editor Dave Zirin, who not only finds Freedom’s remarks unreasonable, but downright inflammatory and hateful:

Trying to organize a hate crime? For calling out Jeremy Lin for voluntarily playing for the Chinese Basketball Association? For calling out Jeremy Lin for putting money over morals?

Sorry, Dave, but we’re not seeing the hate crime. Maybe you can explain it to us.

Or maybe not:

Honestly, we’d rather just listen to Enes Kanter Freedom. He may not be a sports editor for some fancy-pants progressive magazine, but he understands that the Chinese government is unequivocally evil and that choosing to support such evil is also evil.

And racist. It’s incredibly racist of Dave.

Dave Zirin is at best — at best — envious that he doesn’t have the balls it takes to be an NBA star speaking out against the Chinese regime. And at worst, he’s just an intellectually dishonest piece of garbage.

Yeah, he’s been a critic of China for his entire professional life.

Whatever you say, Dave.

He’ll never answer that question. Or these ones:

Probably easier and faster to name the things that aren’t wrong with him.

We can’t. Because we’re not insane.

In a world of Dave Zirins and Enes Kanter Freedoms, be an Enes Kanter Freedom. Because Dave Zirin can suck it.