We’ve gotta give Jen Psaki props for continuing to take questions from Fox News’ Peter Doocy despite knowing full-well that she’s going to faceplant during her tap-dancing routine.

It happened again at today’s White House press briefing, when Doocy asked Psaki about Vice President Kamala Harris’ apparent inability to stop the bleeding as staffers flee:

Love how Doocy just cuts right to the chase. No tap-dancing for him. Psaki could learn a lot from him.

Well, we can certainly believe that. Leaving Kamala Harris’ employ is definitely a smart move.

And we’re grateful to Jen Psaki for being a terrible liar. Makes our jobs much easier, not to mention infinitely more entertaining.

Poor Jen. She’s tired. She’s so tired.

That’s just what happens when you’re put through the ringer the way Jen Psaki is.

Doocy also brought up the significant escalation in violent crimes on Joe Biden’s watch:

President Biden is going to blame guns and the pandemic. Duh.

Kamala Harris’ staffers are having a great time and COVID19 is making people loot stores and shoot cops.

Another winning performance from Jen Psaki.