Generally speaking, relatively few people are remotely interested in keeping a close eye on CNN. But with this Chris Cuomo thing, we’re pretty hyper-focused on what CNN has to say.

And what they have to say is … nothing.

Apparently there were no conversations seeking additional clarity or about anything at all related to Chris Cuomo at CNN today:

So having conversations isn’t on their to-do list. OK then.

What about Chris Cuomo himself? Is he ready to have a conversation?

To his credit, he is. Of course, it’s one-sided. And there’s not even a shred of accountability to be found:

Yeah, poor Andrew Cuomo.


So, the take-home lesson here is that Andrew Cuomo got dealt a bad hand and deserves some tea and sympathy.

And the other lesson is that you should never expect Chris Cuomo to take any responsibility for being an awful person.