Joe Biden ventured out today to brief the public on the omicron (or is it “omnicron”?) variant and reassure us that he’s from the government and he’s here to help:

What sorts of things are we learning?

We’re certainly learning that Joe Biden is afraid to take questions from anyone who’s not on his preapproved list.

We’d honestly be shocked if he didn’t do this.:

It’d be pretty nice if one of those approved reporters would throw Joe a curveball and press him about this whole wear-masks-indoors thing:

Everyone, Joe? You sure about that?

Who was Joe Biden two days ago?

Ah. Right.

Undermining the public’s trust, as usual.

Sounds about right.

Forget it; he’s rolling.

And while Joe Biden’s mental acuity is certainly in question, make no mistake that what he’s doing is intentional.

Or to undermine the public’s confidence in our government’s competence and noble intentions.

And even then, you still can’t.

To lockdowns, perhaps?