Jason Whitlock has undergone quite a transformation over the past several years, from outspoken liberal sportswriter to conservative-minded Blaze contributor.

So up until a few years ago, we wouldn’t have expected this valuable take from him on the Waukesha massacre:

These are excellent questions.

Um, no. That’s not what he did.

So anyway, who’s willing to answer Whitlock’s questions? Anyone?

Well, that certainly does answer Whitlock’s first question. It’s the same answer lefties give to so many questions about why something bad happens: Donald Trump.

Seriously, if “Donald Trump” is off the table as the difference between Charlottesville and Waukesha — and it shouldn’t even be in the same kitchen as the table — how can the Left explain why media are actively burying the Waukesha massacre while continuing to talk about Charlottesville as if it’s been going on all this time?

As Stephen L. Miller has repeatedly pointed out, media can’t seem to find a reason to keep the Waukesha massacre on front pages.