On November 9, lefty attorney and political commentator Bakari Sellers reminded CNN viewers that Kyle Rittenhouse is evil and the rioters did nothing wrong:

It’s only natural that Sellers would be lying through his teeth. After all, he’s committed to the narrative, not the truth.

And as a liberal journalist himself, Glenn Greenwald might be expected to excuse such deception. But he’s one of a small handful of liberal journalists who’s willing to call out corporate media malpractice, and that’s genuinely refreshing.

He weighed in today on the Sellers clip:

But Greenwald didn’t stop with Sellers and CNN:

Recall that Greenwald left The Intercept, which he’d cofounded, out of disgust.

Greenwald also shredded the Washington Post when they were forced to retract earlier Steele dossier stories.

Almost as if the corporate media haven’t given us much reason to trust them.

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