All is not well at the White House. At least if outlets like CNN and Politico are to be believed.

Joe Biden and Co. are reportedly pretty fed up with Vice President Kamala Harris, and while they’re publicly in damage-control mode, it’s been obvious to many people for some time now that Kamala Harris was being set up to take the fall for Biden.

One of those people is Ron DeSantis’ press secretary Christina Pushaw, who can’t say she’s surprised to see how this is playing out:

Kamala Harris is a terrible person, to be sure. And it’s very difficult to feel bad for her, especially knowing that she willingly accepted this job in the hopes that it would be her ticket into the Oval Office.

But still. Team Biden done Kamala dirty.

Kamala Harris literally couldn’t help herself. Her ego is just too powerful.

The media, who have shown so much love for fashionable Auntie Kamala Harris, will not bat an eye as the Biden administration throws her under the bus.

As far as Joe Biden and the media are concerned, Kamala Harris is expendable.

You hate to see it.

That said, the Biden administration’s efforts may very well prove to have been in vain:

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