Steve Irvin is an anchor and reporter at ABC15 in Phoenix. And according to his Twitter bio, he’s a “Fierce defender of public schools and teachers [and] Super-Spreader of Fact Porn.”

Good for him. But it probably wouldn’t kill him to know exactly what it is that he’s fiercely defending and spreading around.

There’s this, for starters:

Not sure what Steve is so puzzled about.

If you ask Steve to read a history book, he’ll very likely tell you that he’s read one. That he’s actually read a ton of history books. Because he’s very interested in public school curricula.

A lot more interested than most of you stupid Republicans and conservatives, in fact:

That’s nice, isn’t it?

Biiiig yikes.

For a dude who claims to be so committed to education, Steve Irvin sure doesn’t seem to be very good at learning lessons.

Good point.



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