What a relief now that Joe Biden is in charge. It’s good to have a president back in the White House who cares about climate justice. The Squad may not agree with Joe Biden, but at least they can all agree on wanting only the best for the planet.

Biden recently traveled to Glasgow, Scotland, to talk with other world leaders about the climate change crisis.

When he got there, he sent a very important message about why climate justice is so very important by traveling in a long presidential motorcade. Other COP26 attendees also sent very important messages by traveling in luxury cars that were often idling. How can people know what not to do if our betters don’t show us first?

But it gets better. Once the proceedings actually kicked off, Joe Biden made it crystal-clear where climate change stands on his priorities list.

Footage would certainly suggest that, yes:

Really living up to Trump’s silly nickname, isn’t he?

*Chef’s kiss*

Credit to Joe for keeping it real, for a change.

Maybe Joe’s just hungry.

Couldn’t hurt.

Seriously, though. Seeing as Joe Biden is the Leader of the Free World and all, he probably should’ve drunk a Red Bull or something.

Wake up, Joe.


And it’s better than ever.

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