By now, you’ve probably seen this shocking photo of a group of white supremacist men standing outside of Glenn Youngkin’s campaign bus:

The only thing genuinely shocking about this is that there are people out there who actually believe that those are five white supremacist men standing outside of Glenn Youngkin’s campaign bus.

And why are there so many people who are falling for the hoax? Maybe because the people behind it have a lot of experience selling hoaxes and false narratives to people.

Political consultant Alec Sears, whose work has appeared in the Washington Examiner and Daily Caller, among other outlets, can’t help but feel like this whole thing has more than a little to do with Democratic strategist Adam Parkhomenko:



Sears may recognize some of them:

Please do share!

Now, it’s important to bear in mind that Sears doesn’t yet have definitive proof that Adam Parkhomenko is behind this. But the evidence is compelling, at the very least. And anyone familiar with Parkhomenko’s oeuvre knows that he doesn’t get hung up on things like scruples.

Needless to say, whoever orchestrated this ridiculous stunt is clearly the kind of person who will go to any length to slime a political opponent. Terry McAuliffe is that kind of person, and he knows exactly where to look to find more people like that.



It seems that Camden Layton has recently protected his tweets:

Not proof of guilt, of course, though some tweeters have been posting photos of Layton to compare those to photos from the bus stunt, and there’s at least a resemblance.

In any event, it’s not looking great for Camden Layton right now.

Not looking great for Virginia Dems, really.



Oh dear:

Terry McAuliffe should consider withdrawing from the race immediately, before this gets any worse for him. And his staff, of course.



Adam Parkhomenko is very, very unhappy with Alec Sears right now:

Almost as sad as McAuliffe and Virginia Democrats thinking they’d actually get away with this.



NBC/MSNBC legal analyst Glenn Kirschner urges Virginians to ‘vote against this blatant display of racism, hatred and intolerance’ from fake Glenn Youngkin fans