When they go low … they’ll find a way to go lower still.

Democratic strategist and former Hillary Clinton confidant Adam Parkomenko is giving himself a big ol’ pat on the back for this super-clever swipe at Mitch McConnell:

Mitch tripped on some stairs! Isn’t that, like, so hilarious? Adam sure thinks it is. Because nothing’s funnier than suffering from the lasting effects of a potentially fatal disease.

That’s exactly what it is.

We thought that went without saying, but Adam doesn’t like to play by the rules of polite society.

See, the fact that Parkhomenko is touting this video as a win suggests he’s not actually better than this.

Oh, he knows … he just doesn’t give a damn:

Don’t expect an apology anytime soon:

Way to elevate the discourse, Adam.



Parkhomenko is apparently hell-bent on tunneling to the center of the earth:

You can pry his shovel from his cold, dead hands.