Remember this classic “Simpsons” scene?

If we could turn it into a topical political metaphor, Homer Simpson would be the Virginia Democratic Party, and the pig would be Terry McAuliffe.

Because he’s dirty, slimy … and in total freefall.

McAuliffe has reached the point in his campaign where he’s so desperate, he doesn’t even know that he’s doing anymore. And his GOP opponent Glenn Youngkin would be foolish not to capitalize on that.

And Youngkin knows it:

His answer says “I’ve already got one foot in the grave and might as well make room for the other one while I’m here.”

It’s like a living nightmare.

How ironic that McAuliffe prefaces his incoherent answer with “Let’s be very clear here.”

What the hell, Terry?

If we didn’t know any better, we might start to think that Terry McAuliffe wants to lose this election.

Maybe he’s not just trying to lose, but he’s trying to get creamed.

Terry McAuliffe has a long and distinguished record of surrounding himself with terrible people and being terrible in his own right.

Don’t elect this guy, Virginia. Just … please don’t.



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