Over the weekend, Barack Obama dismissed parents voicing their concerns about what their kids are learning and how safe their schools really are as just part of “these phony trumped-up culture wars, this fake outrage the right-wing media peddles to juice their ratings.”

Perhaps he’d like to tell that to parents of students at Hazard High School in Hazard, Kentucky:

More from the Courier Journal:

Students and staff took part in a “Man Pageant” and “Costume Day” on Tuesday, according to Hazard High School’s Facebook page.

Photos that were since taken down from the athletics department’s Facebook page appeared to show scantily clad students giving lap dances to faculty and staff, including Hazard High School Principal Donald “Happy” Mobelini, who is also mayor of the Perry County city.

Other photos on the athletics page that were also later taken down showed female students dressed up in “Hooters” outfits and students and staff appearing to paddle one another.

Think maybe parents have a reason to be concerned about what’s going on in their kids’ schools yet, Barack Obama? If not, why not?

None whatsoever.