Democratic Sen. Kyrsten Sinema’s denim vest is still a hot-button (get it?) issue today. At least for liberals, who are really, really hung up on it.

And that’s pretty funny when you think about it, because before Sinema became a thorn in the Democratic Party’s side, she was hailed for not just her bold fashion choices, but her integrity.

Take Ana Navarro, for example, who said this about Sinema last December:

Yeah, well, Ana’s days of respecting Kyrsten Sinema are OVAH. It’s officially official:

Wow. So not only is Kyrsten Sinema inappropriately dressed, but the fact that she’s inappropriately dressed is irrefutable proof of racism?

Hope Ana didn’t pull too many muscles with that reach.

Sometimes it’s best not to say anything, Ana. Otherwise people might think you’re full of crap or just plain stupid or something.

Never fails.


But seriously, Ana Navarro only speaks for morons.

Idiocy transcends race. Ana Navarro is proof.



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