Sen. Kyrsten Sinema certainly has been a hot topic lately, whether she’s being harassed and filmed inside a bathroom or being harassed and filmed at the airport. Jeremy Art of C-SPAN happened to take notice of Sinema’s denim vest as she presided over the Senate Tuesday.

Jim Swift, senior editor of The Bulwark, which is dedicated to conserving conservatism, thought Sinema ought to be ashamed.

For what it’s worth, Monica Crowley thought Sinema’s hair-flip was BOSS:

Remember when Democrats liked her eccentric outfits? Clearly C-SPAN’s Art knew what he was doing, seeing as his tweet has over a thousand quote-tweets.

* * *


Washington Post congressional reporter Paul Kane took a photo of the dress code and posted it.

This is going to be a bigger scandal than Chappelle, isn’t it?