Forget her opposition to the Democrats’ $3.5 trillion spending bill; as Twitchy reported Tuesday night, there was quite the firestorm over Sen. Kyrsten Sinema wearing a denim vest while presiding over the Senate — even as the Washington Post’s Karen Tumulty pointed out there is a sign in the Senate Press Gallery prohibiting journalists from wearing denim in the chamber.

The one thing butthurt Democrats haven’t gone after Sinema for is her bisexuality, but now NBC News is giving space to an opinion piece asking if Sinema is “bad for bisexuality.”

Lux Alptraum, author of “Faking It: The Lies Women Tell About Sex — And the Truths They Reveal,” writes:

Bi women are constantly told we’re untrustworthy, that our attraction to multiple genders means we’re more likely to cheat. We’re called greedy for finding more than one gender attractive, “confusing” for liking more than one gender and self-absorbed because apparently our brains are unable to think about much beyond our own sexual gratification. Within the LGBTQ community, bisexuals can be viewed as fair-weather members at best — likely to bail the second we stop having fun. Media outlets might not be talking about Sinema’s sex life, but her political reputation as greedy, unreliable and attention-seeking echoes many of the stereotypes my community has been dealing with for years.

“Is she bad for the bisexuals?” I find myself wondering on a nearly daily basis. It feels uncharitable to put so much responsibility on one woman’s shoulders. Yet given that she’s arguably the most prominent bisexual woman in the nation, it feels fair to wish she’d put a little more effort into being a bit less of a stereotype.

So bisexual women are “constantly” told they’re greedy, unreliable, and attention-seeking, and Sinema embodies all those stereotypes.

For the record, this piece was published under NBC News’ THINK imprint: “NBC News’ home for fresh opinion, sharp analysis and powerful essays.”