Earlier today, CNN’s Brian Stelter complained that Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis practically embodies the “GOP’s anti-media streak” in suggesting that the corporate media aren’t being honest with viewers.

Maybe if Brian turned off Fox News and took a look at himself and his network in the mirror, he might realize that perhaps Ron DeSantis has a point after all.

It’ll never happen, of course. Too bad.

A little introspection now could save Brian Stelter a lot of humiliation in the future. Unfortunately he can’t undo any of the humiliations he’s suffered thus far.

Who remembers this Stelter career highlight?

Ding ding ding:

Enter Sandmann!

Fancy seeing you here, Nick Sandmann. But now that you’re here, wanna stick around for a while? We have no doubt that you and Brian have a lot to catch up on.

Damn straight.



‘Well played, young man’! Nick Sandmann shows smug liberal strategist what taking the high road looks like