Recently, Jack Schneider and Jennifer Berkshire argued in the Washington Post that parents do not actually “have the right to shape their kids’ curriculum.” Some tweeters saw that as effectively an in-kind contribution to Glenn Youngkin’s gubernatorial campaign against Terry McAuliffe.

In light of this, it’s hard to disagree:

And there it is.

That’s what Barack Obama said. He was lying.

And Terry McAuliffe is lying. This isn’t about helping children; it’s about controlling them.

It’s genuinely terrifying to know that there are adults who believe that screwing kids up is the way forward.

It would certainly be nice to be able to reappropriate words like “diversity” and “inclusion,” which once held positive connotations. But it may very well be too late now.

It’s truly unfortunate that we’ve gotten to this point.

Maybe they will:

Let’s go, Virginia.