Remember last week, when the NIH admitted that they had indeed funded gain-of-function research on coronaviruses at the Wuhan Institute of Virology?

That was a terrible look for Dr. Anthony Fauci, of course. But it was also a bad look for all of his cheerleaders in the media who refused to even entertain the idea that he might not be the most trustworthy voice with regard to COVID19.

After the NIH news broke, National Review’s Isaac Schorr remembered some of those cheerleaders.

There are quite a few big names on there, including Glenn Kessler, Brian Stelter, and Ari Melber. But of course no list of journalists with egg on their faces would be complete without the once-respectable-journalist-turned-hack Jake Tapper:

Look who it is.

An unbiased journalist doesn’t say that.

Jake Tapper, like Anthony Fauci, is not above criticism. In fact, they both deserve a whole lot of criticism. Both were once estimable representatives of their professions, and both have ultimately been disappointments.


Just like a firefighter would.



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