As we told you yesterday, angry Netflix employees and fellow trans activists showed up to protest Dave Chappelle’s comedy special “The Closer”.

Variety was one of many media outlets that covered it:

Lots of tense clashes between protesters and Chappelle fans!

“Comprised of” is incorrect. Also, from where we were sitting, there were quite a few white women (can we say “women”?) among the anti-Netflix protesters.

But regarding the “subset of counter-protesters”:

And then, of course, there was this counter-protester:

Here’s how Variety worked him into their coverage:

Here’s a screenshot as well:

Was the “We Like Dave” guy really pushing against trans speakers, Variety? That’s not how it looked to us, but maybe we just weren’t looking hard enough.

Let’s look again:

Yeah, see, what it looks like to us is like the guy wasn’t hurting anyone with his good-natured (and decidedly not anti-trans) signs but was accosted by protesters who ripped his sign away, destroyed it, and then cried that he had a weapon.

Do you need to watch it again, Variety? Is the third time the charm?

Not cool, Variety. At all.

What’s particularly galling is that Variety later tweeted a more accurate description of the incident:

Could they not have pointed that out sooner?

Because narrative, that’s why.

It’s quite gross.

It’s all about the narrative.