Jen Psaki had a particularly rough week. Maybe that’s why deputy White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre is helming today’s briefing.

Turns out Jean-Pierre actually makes a fantastic understudy for Psaki, because she’s just about as adept as Psaki at fielding uncomfortable questions:

Wow, Karine. Such forceful, decisive language that we’re certain desperate migrants will take to heart.


Like, that’s what Joe Biden said he’d do.

Guess he jumped the gun a bit.

That’s OK. Happens to the best of us!

Well, that certainly was a lot of words! They may not have added up to anything, but still.

And speaking of things that don’t add up, Karine Jean-Pierre seems to have the same problem as Jen Psaki explaining how Joe Biden’s Build Back Better agenda has a zero-dollar price tag:

We are being honest! We’ve always been honest!

Oh lawdy. She’s gonna need to take a vacation after this. Or at least see a doctor. We can’t even imagine how many muscles she sprained trying to pull off such feats of intellectual gymnastics.