Yesterday, we told you about New York City Hall very seriously looking into removing a seven-foot-tall statue of Thomas Jefferson because it “symbolizes the disgusting and racist basis on which America was founded.”

We were assured by very reliable sources that statues of the Founding Fathers would never really be on the chopping block. It would seem that the people who made these assurances were a bit premature.

Stephen L. Miller, aka @redsteeze, would like to make sure that, if removing statues of Founding Fathers starts becoming a thing, we don’t forget the firefighters who told us it wouldn’t:

The Atlantic’s David A. Graham

We, too, would like a follow-up.

The best of times.

We definitely shouldn’t hold our breaths for that apology piece.

The perpetually wrong absolutely hate admitting that they’re wrong.

Miller did tag the wrong publication, though he tagged the correct guy and used a screenshot from the correct publication, The Atlantic.

Also, David, it’s “statues.” Not “statutes.” Remember that there’s a difference between the two:

Also, David, the fact that the historian you interviewed “is arguing here for why we *should not* remove Jefferson statutes” doesn’t undercut Miller’s point, which is that the people who guaranteed us that Jefferson statues wouldn’t be removed are on their way to being proven very, very wrong.

Enough about you, David.