All of those people who claimed President Donald Trump called neo-Nazis “very fine people” obviously didn’t listen to his comments, in which he was referring to those people opposed to removing a statue of Confederate General Robert E. Lee. Where does it stop, Trump asked.

Trump was right about Thomas Jefferson being next on the chopping block after the statues of Confederates had been toppled. A statue of Jefferson that has stood in New York’s City Hall is likely to be removed after more than 100 years.

As that tweet states, the statue is likely to be removed at the request of the city’s council’s Black, Latino, and Asian Caucus. “How the hell can people see as a hero someone who had hundreds of enslaved Africans, someone who was a racist and who said we were inferior and someone who was a slaveholding pedophile?” said Assemblyman Charles Barron, the former councilman who tried to get the statue removed in 2001. “For him to be canonized in a statue is incredible — incredibly racist.”

The New York Post reports the statue will be given to the New York Historical Society on an “indefinite” loan.

A tribal leader in 2020 suggested that Mount Rushmore shouldn’t be blown up … because of the environmental impact. There must be some other way to remove it.

The Public Design Commission is expected to vote Monday on relocating the statue.

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It was unanimous: