Yesterday, we highlighted Brian Stelter’s recent “Reliable Sources” interview with Bari Weiss. Stelter asked Bari Weiss to explain what she meant when she said “the world has gone mad,” and Weiss rattled off a long list of examples proving her case. She could’ve continued for hours, Brian’s show is only an hour long and Weiss would’ve needed a lot longer than that to get through everything.

Anyway, as Weiss was explaining to Stelter what she meant, Stelter interrupted her to ask her “who’s [sic] the people stopping the conversation” about things that might make liberals uncomfortable or undermine their narratives. Here it is again (starts around the 1:00 mark):

Who’s stopping the conversation? Who’s not allowing people like Bari Weiss to speak freely and openly and without fear of professional reprisal about topics like, say, Hunter Biden’s laptop?

Brian Stelter, have you met … Brian Stelter? Twitchy mainstay @ComfortablySmug would like to introduce you to yourself:

Well, well, well … would you look at that?

It’s not just great; it’s effing fantastic, is what it is.

Take it away, Smug:

Brian Stelter was more than willing to discuss the Hunter Biden laptop story. Just as long as the discussion was one-sided and agreed with him that the story was a nothingburger.

Bari Weiss spoke truth and correctly called out CNN. And that was her greatest sin of all.

If only Brian Stelter weren’t so averse to looking in the mirror, he might actually be able to admit that.

And we can ALWAYS count on @ComfortablySmug to show up with those receipts.