Earlier this month, MIT canceled an upcoming lecture by geophysicist and University of Chicago Associate Prof. Dorian Abbot.

Prof. Abbot’s great sin was joining a Stanford professor in believing that “diversity, equity, and inclusion” programs frequently cause far more harm than good. That’s a cancel-worthy offense according to MIT.

UC Berkeley Department of Earth and Planetary Science professor and Berkeley Atmospheric Sciences Center (BASC) Director David Romps didn’t agree with MIT’s decision, so he asked his BASC colleagues if he could invite Prof. Abbot to give his planned MIT speech at Berkeley.

Today, Prof. Romps announced his resignation as BASC Director.

This seems like a more than reasonable suggestion. Apparently Prof. Romps’ colleagues didn’t see it that way.

Here’s the rest of the thread:

(Bari Weiss recently expressed a very similar point.)

A replacement that will work a lot harder to limit exposure to points of view that could potentially call liberal philosophies into question, no doubt.

Romps’ resignation is not just a loss for him, but also for the BASC, UC Berkeley, and the scientific community at large.

Leftism is actively harmful to the public discourse, but leftists are free to express their opinions. Don’t right-leaning and conservative voices deserve the same?