Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg — and, by extension, the Biden administration — is taking quite a bit of heat thanks to the revelation that he’s actually been on paid paternity leave for two months instead of addressing devastating supply chain issues and whatnot.

So, naturally, it’s up to people like Principled Bulwark Conservative Christian Vanderbrouk to fight the haters on Buttigieg’s behalf.

And lucky for Buttigieg, Vanderbrouk is up to the task:

Vanderbrouk has a long and nasty history of degrading women, so we can only assume that if Pete Buttigieg were a woman, he wouldn’t defend Buttigieg’s paid maternity leave. Oh, wait. Vanderbrouk only degrades Republican and conservative women, so Petra Buttigieg would be just fine.

How pathetic — yet utterly predictable — that a Bulwark hack would cry homophobia when he has no evidence that homophobia is the issue. Apparently his outrage over homophobia is contingent on the target’s politics:

Meanwhile, here’s that same Bulwark hack on gay Republicans and conservatives:

Shorter Christian Vanderbrouk: actual, genuine homophobia against the Right is more equal than fake homophobia against the Left.


Missed it by a million miles.


If Pete Buttigieg wasn’t up to the job, he never should’ve taken it. And, well, if he can secretly go on paid leave for two months without the public knowing, then what the hell is even the point of having a transportation secretary in the first place?

It’s definitely hard for Christian Vanderbrouk. As is not being a complete jackass.