Earlier this week, the Daily Wire published an explosive story by Luke Rosiak detailing Loudoun County Public Schools’ terrifying crusade against Scott Smith, whose ninth-grade daughter was allegedly raped in a school bathroom by a “gender fluid” male student wearing a skirt. After being transferred to a new school, the alleged rapist was arrested for another sexual assault.

According to AG Merrick Garland and the Biden administration’s criteria, Smith is a “domestic terrorist” who should have shown deference to the school system that tried to cover up the alleged sexual assault of his daughter.

Outside of the Daily Wire and other right-leaning media outlets, Smith’s abuse at the hands of LCPS has been largely ignored.

So, regardless of how you may feel about Fox News, they absolutely deserve credit for giving oxygen to what should be a national story in the mainstream media:

Rachel Maddow and Jake Tapper are evidently too busy to speak to Scott Smith, but FNC host Laura Ingraham is not:

Heartbreaking. Disturbing. Infuriating.

Scott Smith’s story should be headlining the primetime shows on every news network, not just Fox News.

What else aren’t they reporting?