It’s never a bad idea to get your holiday shopping started early … unless, of course, Joe Biden happens to be president.

In that case, there’s really no good time to do it:

Jen Psaki would like to say that there’ll be Christmas this year, but, well, she’s not FedEx:

Supply chains are breaking all over the place, gas prices are on a steep upward trajectory, and inflation is soaring because the federal government’s been pulling the levers, so the solution is, of course, for the federal government to pull the levers even harder.

OK, well, they’re not UPS or FedEx, so there!

No, seriously. We’re supposed to believe that this is COVID19’s fault:

They really think we’re stupid.

That’s Jen in a nutshell.

Christmas definitely fared better under Donald Trump, that’s for damn sure.

That was always the plan.