You probably would be surprised at the number of Biden supporters in the replies to this tweet arguing that Christmas is too commercialized and it’s actually a good thing not to focus on “stuff” around the holidays. Still, Reuters is reporting that the White House says “there will be things people can’t get” this Christmas. We guess COVID-19 is to blame, although President Biden said he was going to shut down the virus, and then there’s the international supply chain, which is operating under the watchful eye of Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg, who’s been holding roundtables to find a fix for clogged ports.

The first tweet had us worried about higher prices, but we forgot all about that when we learned it poses a political risk to Biden.

It seems like yesterday we were saving $0.16 on our Fourth of July cookouts.

We remember. We can re-gift those Carter malaise sweaters.

They’re doing a great job at keeping expectations low.