We’ve been waiting to hear from Loudoun County Public Schools after Luke Rosiak’s bombshell story about the school board having Scott Smith arrested for getting upset that his ninth-grade daughter was allegedly raped by a “gender fluid” student and LCPS didn’t seem to give a damn (the “gender fluid” student in question was also arrested for sexually assaulting a female student at the school he was transferred to after the incident with Smith’s daughter).

Because of Smith drawing attention to LCPS apparent attempted coverup, Smith was held up as evidence that parents who voice concerns about their children to public school boards are domestic terrorists.

Well, LCPS is really, really sorry about all that.

Except no they’re not:

It reads like a joke. Like a sick, demented joke.

Sometimes it’s what’s not said that actually speaks the loudest.

LCPS concluding by impugning Scott Smith’s behavior and character is certainly a bold strategy.

They deserve to get slapped with a lot more than just a lawsuit.



Where’s the MSM outrage? LCPS father and ‘domestic terrorist’ Scott Smith tells Laura Ingraham that the gov’t is weaponizing footage of him ‘to spread fear’