Project on Government Oversight senior fellow and former U.S. Office of Government Ethics Director Walter Shaub cares very deeply about the climate crisis

Got that, everybody?

You know your take is brilliant when Asha Rangappa agrees with it.

How much oxygen does Walter Shaub suck up and how much carbon dioxide does he produce by getting worked up about people who like to eat meat sometimes? We guarantee heโ€™s not doing the climate any favors, either.

Yes. We did know that, Walter. Individual responsibility is indeed a thing that exists, and you might want to try it sometime. You can start by minding your own damn business.

Youโ€™re a tool, Walter.

Something tells us a lot of people are.



โ€˜HELL, YEAH, Iโ€™M BITTER!โ€™ Liberal watchdog Walter Shaub is utterly โ€˜disgustedโ€™ that Joe Biden broke his promise โ€˜to restore ethics to governmentโ€™