Last week, trans Netflix employee “Terra Fied” went on a tear over Dave Chappelle’s Netflix special, “The Closer.”

Ms. Fied went so far as to effectively suggest that Netflix is condoning anti-trans hate crimes.

That’s BS, of course. Netflix was doing no such thing. Chappelle was doing no such thing.

But now, poor Terra Fied has been suspended for voicing her concerns and definitely not for any other reason whatsoever.

The Verge reports:

Wow. She got suspended over a tweet about Dave Chappelle’s special? That seems pretty harsh.

It certainly is wild. Unbelievable, even.

Of course, that could be because it’s not an honest headline:

Uh-oh, indeed:

Alluding to that little detail in their headline in any way would not have prompted the right amount of outrage, though. And outrage is paramount.

There must always be outrage.

We’re still here; we just understand the difference between cancel culture and outrage culture. It’s easy if you try.