Last week, Disney+ announced a new documentary on American hero Dr. Anthony Fauci.

Well, October 6 has come and gone. How’s the documentary? Is it any good? Let’s check out Rotten Tomatoes and see what other people think of it:

Wait a sec … that’s weird. A 91% on the Tomatometer means that critics love it. And if the critics love it, the audience must love it, too, right?

Why would Rotten Tomatoes try to keep the audience score under wraps?


“URGENT” seems accurate, as “Fauci” is apparently on life support with the public.

Yikes. Well, now we understand.

It seems that the people have spoken … and they haven’t had anything nice to say.

You hate to see it. Almost as much as you hate to see this:

Damn. Dave Chappelle’s lookin’ pretty good to everyday Americans.

One ‘merica.

Now, obviously, Rotten Tomatoes is not the sole arbiter of popularity, and it’s entirely possible that “Fauci” is just a victim of review-bombers. But the indisputable fact remains that Dave Chappelle has brought a whole lot more to the table than Anthony Fauci — and he’s much better at his job.